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3 Easy Steps to Planning a Perfect Outcall Massage in Sao Paulo

3 Easy Steps to Planning a Perfect Outcall Massage in Sao Paulo: Be attentive

When organising a massage session you can opt for an Incall or an Outcall massage. Outcall is the term that refers to a masseuse visiting you at your home, apartment, flat or hotel as opposed to an Incall massage which is when you visit the masseuse at her place. Many of our readers have requested information or emailed questions to me regarding outcall massage in Sao Paulo so I have made a quick easy guide to planning and considering the perfect visiting massage.

1. Find the Perfect Masseuse

There are two ways to go about finding the right lady when planning your Sao Paulo outcall massage. You can either try to find an independent lady through classifieds or directories, or you can opt to use a reputable agency. The benefits of using an agency is that the whole meeting arrangement, pricing etc is managed by a third party for you. This can mean no unexpected surprises and a more streamlined massage experience for you.

There are many massage agencies offering outcall massage in Sao Paulo | Brazil, so this can be difficult if you have not tried one before that you trust. View the gallery of ladies available and choose which one suits you best for both looks and service. The main things to look out for are original pictures of ladies and user reviews from those who have had good outcall massage experiences before you.

2. Book your Outcall Massage

So once you have decided to book an outcall massage in Sao Paulo, you will need to contact the agency or lady usually by phone. When asked, clearly state your hotel name/telephone#, room number and booking name. If booking a lady for arrival to your home, provide the full address including the zip code. Be sure to mention any useful information such as whether access key cards are required for lifts, or any other access arrangements that may be important.

Sometimes if key cards are required or there is restricted access to a particular floor of the hotel you are staying in, you may wish to meet in the lobby area or go down to bring the lady up yourself. It may just be a case of informing the hotel reception that you will be expecting a guest. Sometimes a lady will have to show her ID to gain access to your room after speaking with reception.

For security reasons, you should expect the agency to make a confirmation call to your room to ensure the correct room number and verify the name the room is booked under. This is totally normal for any outcall massage booking and a standard procedure for any professional massage agency as a safety precaution for their ladies. Massage Sao Paulo never file or save this sensitive information and it is destroyed as soon as the booking is completed.

3. Other Considerations for a Perfect Outcall Massage

Make sure the area you are having your erotic massage in is suitable and comfortable. If you are at home and have friends or family who tend to drop by, let them know you are busy so you are uninterrupted during your outcall massage session. If staying at a hotel, hang the do not disturb card on the door so you are left in peace to enjoy your session. All that’s left now is to sit back, relax and wait for your masseuse to arrive.

Well folks that summarises my guide on planning the perfect outcall massage session in Sao Paulo, I hope it will help when organising a visiting massage to your home or hotel. As a closing note, Massage Sao Paulo offer Incall & Outcall massage in Sao Paulo | Brazil, and can take the stress out of organising this for you. Call their friendly customer service team today and let them plan your perfect experience.

Massage Sao Paulo | Brazil invites you to experience the Perfect Outcall Massage in town and rejuvenating massage imaginable as you surrender into their loving arms and to let them guide you into a journey of total relaxation and satisfaction.

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