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Experience Customized Erotic Massages

Unwind and achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle with our specialized erotic massages. Our skilled therapists provide personalized treatments that target stress relief and promote the production of endorphins, offering you the ultimate relaxation. Give it a try – you won't regret it!

Indulge in the Utmost Sensual Massage

Enjoy our exclusive service that brings the ultimate sensual massage experience to your desired location. Whether it's your office, home, or hotel room, our therapists will provide you with relaxation and energy, preparing you for the next phase of your journey.

Exceptional Quality and Premium Products

We pride ourselves on offering the best products in the industry. Our odorless, non-sticky formulas easily rinse off with water. Even our natural hot oils and Nuru gel possess relaxing properties that will help you unwind and soothe your muscles.

Discover the Massage São Paulo Difference - Your Top Choice for Professional Massages in Brazil Since 2012

At Massage São Paulo, we’ve set the standard for outstanding massage services in São Paulo, Brazil since 2012. Our reputation as the go-to destination for an exceptional experience is backed by rave reviews from business travelers. Our highly experienced and qualified therapists are dedicated to providing you with personalized care and attention. Relax, rejuvenate, and book your massage today to discover the unparalleled quality of our services.

Massage São Paulo testimonials

What Our Customers Say

Doug Lee

Most professional massage therapists I've ever deal with in any country Ive been in. They care about the work they do. Afordable price in town and I feel amazing after the session... Thanks a lot Mike, keep it up

Paul July, 2022

Hey! It was wonderful! Thank you so much for the recommendation! I had a great time

Martin April, 2022

Ok excellent. Thank you for organising.

Eric Ingram

Hey Mike, Ms Nathalia was fantastic! Thank You!

Osvaldo Vasquez

Excelente servicio, muy puntual la chica, excelente presentación y trato, acerca del masaje realmente nunca lo había experimentado pero fue una grata sorpresa que volvería a repetir, muy recomendable


Fantastic service and a genuinely great massage that helped me a lot with my injuries and chronic pain. Obrigado!!!

Special Packages for Erotic Massage in São Paulo - Unforgettable Experiences

Choose your plan now and embark on an extraordinary erotic massage experience in São Paulo.

MSP Packages

Discover Sensual Massage Treatments in São Paulo

Explore a diverse range of massage therapies from our collection, each designed to provide a unique and fulfilling experience. Click on your chosen therapy’s name to check out prices and find more details.

4 Hands Massage

Experience the ultimate pleasure with our erotic four hands massage. Two therapists working in perfect harmony will take you to new levels of ecstasy.

Deep Tissue Massage

Release chronic muscle tension with our deep tissue massage. Similar to Swedish massage, this therapy focuses on targeted pressure to alleviate deep-seated knots.

Tantric Massage

Dive into the depths of pleasure with our tantric massage. This ancient practice combines sensual touch and spiritual connection for a truly transformative experience.

Coming Soon...

Stay tuned for an exciting new addition to our lineup of erotic and sensual treatments. We're always pushing boundaries to bring you the most pleasurable experiences.

Soap Gel Massage

Immerse yourself in Brazilian-style fun with our soap gel massage. Enjoy the sensation of soap, bubbles, and the touch of our stunning therapists.

Body to Body (Thai)

Experience the ultimate full-body sensation with our body to body massage. Feel the intimate connection as our masseuse's moisturized body glides over yours.

Yoni Massage for Women

Discover the delights of yoni massage, a tantric practice that involves sensual massage of the vagina. Experience profound pleasure and connection.

Swedish Therapy

Swedish massage therapy is a classic modality known for its relaxation and rejuvenation benefits. Let our skilled therapists melt away your stress and leave you feeling refreshed.

Mutual Body Massage

Indulge in the intimacy of our mutual body massage. Let the sensuous touch of our therapists take you on a journey of mutual pleasure and relaxation.

Nuru Massage

Experience the art of Nuru massage, an exotic Japanese technique that involves body-on-body contact. Allow the slippery gel to heighten your senses and ignite your passion.

Explore our range of tantalizing treatments and indulge in the pleasure you deserve. Book your erotic massage experience with MSP today.

MSP Women's Exclusive Packages

Massage Therapy by Renata França Method

Experience the transformative power of our Women’s Exclusive Packages, featuring the renowned Renata França Method. Our certified therapists specialize in these unique techniques to provide you with exceptional results.

Achieve an instant lifting effect and promote natural skin revitalization with our Miracle Face massage. Ideal for brides, postoperative recovery, or anyone looking to enhance their facial contours, this treatment reduces swelling and gives your face a new, rejuvenated appearance. Our professionals utilize lymphatic drainage and modeling massage techniques to deliver outstanding results.

Our Lymphatic Drainage treatment combines exclusive maneuvers from Renata França’s method with shaping massages. This powerful combination works as an immediate manual liposculpture, promoting skin uniformity, enhancing muscle definition, and reducing measurements and swelling. Experience visible results from the first session and achieve a perfectly sculpted silhouette with continuous treatment.

Lymphatic Drainage

R$500 / 1HR
  • Taxi not included (quote the estimate price)
  • For Incall or Outcall massage
  • Professionals and Certified Therapists by Renata França Method
  • Check for booking in advance

Indulge in our Miracle Touch massage, a unique blend of techniques that combine firm pressure, fast rhythm, pumpings, and exclusive maneuvers. This comprehensive approach delivers immediate results by reducing edema, stimulating blood flow, and improving the body’s fluid transport system. Benefit from reduced swelling, improved contour, accelerated metabolism, and overall well-being.

All sessions are available for both incall and outcall massages. Our professionals are certified by the Renata França Method, ensuring the highest quality of service. Remember to book in advance to secure your session.

Conveniently Book Your Appointment Online

At MSP, we prioritize your convenience and offer a seamless booking experience. You can easily schedule your appointment by using our secure online booking form. Simply visit our website and fill out the form with your preferred date, time, and contact information. Our team will promptly respond to confirm your booking.

For your convenience, you can book your appointment online with our secure online booking form here. If you prefer to email us, you can reach us at E-mail. For short notice bookings or immediate assistance, it’s best to call us at +55 (11) 987092599.

Unlock the Health Benefits of MSP Therapy

Your Path to Wellness

Discover a world of well-being through MSP therapy. Our expert therapists are dedicated to helping you unlock the full potential of your health and vitality. With our targeted techniques and personalized approach, we harness the power of massage to alleviate pain, reduce stress levels, and optimize your overall well-being.

Relieve Pain and Relax Tense Muscles

MSP therapy is designed to target and alleviate pain by relaxing tense muscles. By applying specialized techniques, we help release tension and promote deep relaxation, providing relief from discomfort and promoting healing.

Reduce Stress Levels for Inner Harmony

Stress can take a toll on your body and mind. Our therapy sessions are designed to be a sanctuary of tranquility, helping you escape the pressures of everyday life. Experience deep relaxation and let go of stress, allowing your body and mind to find harmony and balance.

Boost Your Body's Defense System

MSP therapy not only provides immediate relaxation but also boosts your body's natural defense system. Through improved circulation and lymphatic flow, our massages help enhance your immune system, keeping you in optimal health and warding off illnesses.

Feel Energized and Rejuvenated

Unleash a renewed sense of energy and vitality. Our invigorating massages stimulate your body's natural energy flow, leaving you feeling revitalized and ready to seize the day. Embrace a renewed sense of vitality and experience life to the fullest.

Minimize Muscle Pain and Stiffness

Whether caused by physical activity or a sedentary lifestyle, muscle pain and stiffness can hinder your daily life. Our skilled therapists target problem areas, applying therapeutic techniques to reduce muscle tension and restore flexibility. Move freely and experience relief from muscle discomfort.

Embark on a transformative journey towards wellness with MSP therapy. Experience the power of touch, tailored to your unique needs, as we guide you towards a healthier, more balanced life.

Discover the Expert MSP Team for

Erotic Massage São Paulo

At MSP, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced specialists who are dedicated to providing exceptional erotic massage services in São Paulo. Each member of our team is an expert in the art of sensual touch, ensuring a pleasurable and unforgettable experience tailored to your desires.

Introducing our Erotic Massage Specialists:


Deva Samit - Goddess of Sensuality

With her captivating presence and sensual techniques, Deva Samit creates an enchanting experience that stimulates all your senses. Surrender to her skilled touch and indulge in the ultimate pleasure.

therapist-thara-home (3)

Thara - Goddess of Erotic Bliss, Basic English

Thara's seductive charm and intimate knowledge of the body's erogenous zones will take you on a journey of heightened sensations. Allow her to guide you towards new levels of erotic pleasure.


Yasmin - Goddess of Sensual Delight, Spanish spoken

Yasmin's passionate nature and mastery of erotic massage techniques make her an irresistible choice. Experience her tantalizing touch and embrace the intoxicating world of sensuality.


Jessica - Goddess of Erotic Delight, Home Service

Jessica's skilled hands and intuitive nature make her the perfect choice for a deeply fulfilling erotic massage experience. Surrender to her expert touch and let her awaken your senses in ways you've never imagined.


Shanti - Goddess of Sensual Awakening

Shanti's sensual energy and captivating techniques will awaken your body and soul. Immerse yourself in her soothing touch and allow her to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and sensual awakening.


Giovanna - Goddess of Erotic Wellness, English spoken

Giovanna's holistic approach to erotic wellness ensures a complete mind-body connection. Immerse yourself in her sensual techniques and experience the transformative power of erotic massage.


Luna - Goddess of Sensual Awakening, English spoken

Luna's gentle yet stimulating touch awakens your senses and unlocks hidden desires. Let her sensual expertise transport you to a realm of heightened arousal and profound fulfillment.


Gilberto - Master of Erotic Massage, Basic English/Spanish/Italian

Gilberto's expertise as a male therapist in the art of erotic massage will take you to new heights of pleasure. With his strong yet gentle hands, he will help you unlock your sensual potential and experience the ultimate bliss.

brazilian masseur caio

Caio - Brazilian Sensation, Male Therapist, English spoken

Caio's charismatic personality and sensual touch will transport you to the vibrant world of Brazilian pleasure. Let him ignite your senses and indulge in a truly unforgettable erotic massage experience.

male-therapist-roberto (Home)

Roberto - Master of Sensual Connection, Home Service

Roberto's attentive presence and skillful techniques create a space of deep connection and intimacy. Allow him to guide you through a journey of sensual exploration and discover new levels of pleasure and fulfillment.

male-therapist-rene (Home) (2)

Rene - Master of Erotic Awakening, Home Service, English spoken

Rene's passion for sensual awakening and his ability to connect deeply with his clients make him a true master of erotic massage. Let him take you on a sensual journey that will leave you feeling completely fulfilled and satisfied.

Planning an Erotic Massage Experience in São Paulo? Reserve Ahead

Are you visiting São Paulo and looking to indulge in an unforgettable erotic massage experience? We've got you covered. At MSP, we understand the importance of planning ahead to ensure your sensual desires are met with utmost care and satisfaction.

Reserve ahead and let us take care of the rest for your erotic massage experience in São Paulo.

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